What You Can Expect With Cataract Surgery


Cataracts are when the lens in your eye becomes cloudy. The lens is typically clear, but when it becomes cloudy, it can cause your vision to blur and make it difficult to see properly. This is called a cataract, but it can be removed and replaced with an artificial lens. This requires a surgical procedure, which can be done usually one eye at a time. It requires some recovery, and then the other eye can be done. Read on for a few things you can expect with cataract surgery.

It's An Outpatient Procedure 

This is an outpatient procedure that only takes about an hour to complete. The procedure is usually done while you're awake, although you are given a local anesthetic. Even though you are awake, you aren't going to be able to drive yourself home after the procedure, which is why you'll need someone there when you have this surgery to drop you off and pick you up afterward to drive you home. Even if you feel well, you aren't going to be able to see out of one of your eyes, so it's necessary to have someone drive you home.

The Cataract Is Removed

There is a small incision in the eye and a tool is used to break up the cataract and then removed from the eye, or it is just removed in a single piece at once. Once the cataract part of the lens is removed, an artificial lens is put in its place. The cover on the lens is put back into place, then depending on the type of incision used, sutures may be necessary to close it and to allow for proper healing. The sutures usually dissolve on their own and do not need to be removed later.

You Need Time To Heal

You're going to need to give your eye time to heal, which is why an eye patch may be necessary for a few days after the procedure. You'll need to keep your hands away from your eyes and do not rub or itch your eye to avoid causing problems for the new lens, and to prevent breaking open the sutures. After a day or two, you'll have a follow-up appointment in which your optometrist will look at your new lens and make sure you are healing properly.

If you are in need of cataract surgery, either because the cataract has hindered your ability to see properly, or your optometrist is no longer able to diagnose your eyes for any issues, you should discuss your options with your optometrist. Be sure you know exactly what to expect with this type of surgery. 


29 April 2022

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