3 Vital Signs That Your Child May Need Glasses


Are you the parent of a child in elementary school? Do you know how to tell if your child is in need of glasses? The younger your child is, the less likely he or she is to be able to tell you that his or her vision is in need of correction. He or she may simply think that what he or she is seeing is normal when, in actuality, it is in serious need of correction.

15 November 2017

A Simple Visit To The Optometrist


It can be hard to know when your vision is starting to go out. Often your vision will start to fail so slowly that you will not realize that it is happening. You may notice that you need to sit closer to your computer, or that you are having a hard time ordering food off a menu. These are all signs that point to your eyes changing. The good news is that optometrists will be able to fit you with the right contact lenses or glasses.

13 July 2017

Does Having Diabetes Disqualify People From Having Lasik Surgery?


While Lasik can significantly improve the eyesight of people suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness, this procedure is not appropriate for everyone. In particular, Lasik surgery is generally not recommended for people with diabetes. Here are two reasons why and what you can do to overcome these issues. Fluctuating Eye Sight One of the main reasons why an eye doctor may be hesitant to perform Lasik eye surgery on a diabetic patient is because that person's eyesight will fluctuate based on what's happening with their blood sugar level.

13 March 2017

How To Tell If You Need To Wear Eyeglasses


Blurred vision can have a big impact on how well you are able to perform in college. You must be able to see the blackboards and projector screens when the instructors are explaining important information. Blurred vision is usually a sign that you are in need of wearing eyeglasses, but it can point to other medical conditions as well. There are other signs that you can look for that can occur when eyeglasses are needed as well.

17 February 2017