A Simple Visit To The Optometrist


It can be hard to know when your vision is starting to go out. Often your vision will start to fail so slowly that you will not realize that it is happening. You may notice that you need to sit closer to your computer, or that you are having a hard time ordering food off a menu. These are all signs that point to your eyes changing. The good news is that optometrists will be able to fit you with the right contact lenses or glasses. The lenses will help correct the vision problem that you are encountering. However, it can be a little bit intimidating visiting with an optometrist. Remember that the optometrist is there to help you see, and that there is nothing to be worried about, but just to calm your nerves, here are a few different things you can expect during a visit with the optometrist, such as Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC.

Snellen Chart

One of the very first things that the optometrist is likely to do is get an idea what your vision is like. In order to do this, the optometrist will have you read a snellen chart. This is chart that has letters or numbers that are big at the top and small at the bottom. You will be required to read the chart with each individual eye, and with both eyes open. Do not be surprised if you are asked to do this at different distances.


One test that can be a little bit intimidating is performed by showing you different lenses. The optometrist will put a machine over your head and instruct you to tell him or her which lens aids your vision the most. It can be hard to even tell the difference in many cases, but do your best and let the optometrist know which lens seems to help your vision the most. 

Eye Health

Your eyes can change for a variety of reasons, and the optometrist is going to want to ensure that your eyes are not changing due to an illness or built up pressure within your eye. The doctor is going to take close up images of your eye to try and diagnose any problem. There can often be built up pressure in the small blood vessels in the eye, or from the tear duct not draining properly. The pressure can damage the eye permanently if it is not taken care of. A visit to the eye doctor does not have to be intimidating, just remember it is for your long term vision. 


13 July 2017

Learning About Optometry Tools and Techniques

Hello, my name is Martin. Welcome to my site about optometry. I want to use this website to talk about all of the tools and techniques used to measure vision and eye health. Optometrists can accurately measure the patient's ability to see by simply performing a series of unique tests. The visions tests require the patient's participation to find the right prescription for corrective lenses. The rest of the exam is performed to check the health of the eye from the surface to the retina. I invite you to follow along and learn all you can about this interesting subject. Thanks for visiting.