Do You Need Prescription Eye Glasses? Signs You Should Not Overlook


Many people who have excellent vision during their childhood and early adult years may find themselves in need of corrective lenses at some point during their lifetime. However, the actual point at which prescription glasses or contact lenses become necessary can be very different for each person. In fact, even the symptoms that signal the need for corrective lenses can vary.  If you have had good vision in the past but now wonder if you might be experiencing vision issues that will need to be addressed, here are some of the common signs.

26 December 2019

3 Current Trends In Women's Eyeglasses


When it comes to picking out glasses, once you know your prescription from your eye doctor, its all about style. You want your glasses to help you see, and you want your glasses to allow you to look good while you are wearing them. If you want to the next pair of glasses you choose to look stylish while being functional, look for oversized glasses, tortoise shell glasses, and thick rimmed glasses.

2 July 2019

4 Ways To Treat Your Dry Eyes


Dry eyes can be extremely uncomfortable. They can cause blurred vision, pain, and irritation. If you experience dry eyes, you shouldn't ignore it. Left untreated, excessive dryness can actually cause damage to your corneas. Here are four ways you can treat your dry eyes: 1. Use eye drops. If you experience only occasional dryness in your eyes, over the counter eye drops may be all you need. These drops are made of saline and preservatives, and they help by providing extra lubrication for your eyes.

24 February 2019