3 Current Trends In Women's Eyeglasses


When it comes to picking out glasses, once you know your prescription from your eye doctor, its all about style. You want your glasses to help you see, and you want your glasses to allow you to look good while you are wearing them. If you want to the next pair of glasses you choose to look stylish while being functional, look for oversized glasses, tortoise shell glasses, and thick rimmed glasses.

Oversized Glasses

One of the biggest trends in women's glasses are oversized glasses. There glasses are designed to be a little bigger than necessary for your face. Among oversized glasses, the top two styles of oversized frames that seem to dominate the landscape are cat eye shaped classes and round glasses. These two styles tend to look the best when they are oversized. They draw attention to your eyes in a fun and playful way. If you are looking for something that is stylish as well as fun and playful, consider going for some oversized glasses.

Tortoise Shell

When it comes to eyeglass trends, it is not all about the shape of the glasses, it is also about the color of the glasses. One of the most popular color trends over the years are tortoise shell glasses. Tortoise shell uses a variety of colors together. You can find traditional tortoise shell frames that use light and dark brown colors. You can also find more playful colors that use the tortoise shell style of applying colors, such as different shades of purple or green.

The use of multiple shades adds some visual appeal to your glasses. The use of multiple shades also makes it easier to match your glasses with your overall outfit. If you want glasses in a shade that will work with everything you wear, tortoise shell glasses are a great option.

Thick Rimmed Glasses

Finally, the last big trend in women's eyewear are thick-rimmed glasses. Thick-rimmed glasses are an enduring trim. One of the best things about thick-rimmed glasses is that they are a style trend that looks good on just about everyone due to a large variety of different styles of glasses coming with a thick-rime. If you want glasses that are sure to look good, go for some thick-rimmed eyeglasses.

When it comes to choosing eyeglasses, if you want glasses that look stylish, consider oversized glasses, thick-rimmed glasses, or tortoise shell glasses. These are three popular enduring trends that look great on most people.


2 July 2019

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