Eye Exams: What You Should Expect


Maybe you are suffering issues with your eyesight for the very first time. Or maybe your existing eye prescription doesn't feel right any longer. Individuals should undergo eye exams regularly, depending on your individual risk factors. If you are going to an eye doctor appointment for an eye exam for the first time, you may be extremely anxious. To eliminate some of your anxiety, it can help to know what to expect at your appointment.

4 December 2020

Forms Of Lenses You Can Consider For Your Prescription Glasses


Although most people who have eye problems choose to get contact lenses today, glasses have managed to remain popular thanks to the new technology. But there are two things you need to consider while choosing prescription glasses — the frame and lenses. Frames are easier to pick since you only need something that suits your face and lifestyle, but the same cannot be said about lenses. Lenses are considered to be the heart of the glasses, as they offer a clear and sharp vision.

18 August 2020