Eye Exams: What You Should Expect


Maybe you are suffering issues with your eyesight for the very first time. Or maybe your existing eye prescription doesn't feel right any longer. Individuals should undergo eye exams regularly, depending on your individual risk factors. If you are going to an eye doctor appointment for an eye exam for the first time, you may be extremely anxious. To eliminate some of your anxiety, it can help to know what to expect at your appointment. Here are a few things you should expect.

Your Medical History Will Be Reviewed

Prior to showing up for your appointment, you should speak to your eye doctor about any eye pain or vision issues that you are having. You should also bring any prescription eyeglasses or contacts that you are currently using and any relevant medical history information. The first thing that you and the eye doctor will talk about at this initial appointment will be the current state of your eyes and any health problems that you are experiencing.

You Will Undergo a Series of Eye-Related Tests

As soon as you and the eye doctor have got through your medical history, you will need to undergo several tests so that he or she can have a deeper understanding of your current eye health. These tests will consist of a variety of movement tests as well as a cover test. You will be asked to follow an object, such as a pen or the doctor's finger, to demonstrate eye alignment for the movement tests. For the cover test, you will cover up each eye one at a time so that your doctor can continue to observe the movement and function of your eyes. You will also undergo a pupil reaction test, a visual acuity test, and refraction testing. Depending on your medical history and age, you may undergo glaucoma testing.

You Will Receive Vision Care Recommendations

As soon as all of the tests have been completed and your eye doctor is satisfied with his or her understanding of your current state of eye health/vision, he or she will finish off the eye exam appointment with his or her recommendations to protect and correct, if necessary, your eyesight from that point forward. These recommendations may include anything from sunglasses that will shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, a brand-new prescription that is up to date with your current vision, prescription eye drops for eye health conditions, and follow-up appointments.

Knowing what to expect for your first eye exam appointment can reduce your anxiety tremendously. For more information, contact an eye clinic, such as Northwest Ophthalmology, near you.


4 December 2020

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