Forms Of Lenses You Can Consider For Your Prescription Glasses


Although most people who have eye problems choose to get contact lenses today, glasses have managed to remain popular thanks to the new technology. But there are two things you need to consider while choosing prescription glasses — the frame and lenses.

Frames are easier to pick since you only need something that suits your face and lifestyle, but the same cannot be said about lenses. Lenses are considered to be the heart of the glasses, as they offer a clear and sharp vision. Understanding the types of lenses the market offers will help you select the best option for. This post will share different kinds of lenses you can consider today.

Single vision lenses

This is the basic form of lens that's often used to correct one field of vision. For instance, you can get the lenses when you have a far-sightedness, near-sightedness, or astigmatism problem. Moreover, they provide a large visual field since they offer the same vision correction features throughout the lens. These lenses are affordable too, so you won't spend so much to get them.

High index lenses

Are you searching for comfy and lightweight lenses that are suitable for a strong prescription? Well, you should consider getting high index lenses. This kind of lenses is ideal for people who wear prescription glasses for long hours, as they are comfier. The good news is that the lenses can be used on different forms of eyeglasses, including rimless frames. They also provide UV protection so you won't have to get separate glasses for the same.

Trivex lenses

Another form of lenses you can consider is the Trivex lenses. These lenses provide a sharp and clear vision over the ordinary polycarbonate lenses and can accommodate high prescriptions. Optometrist also recommend these lenses because they are durable, light, and ideal for rimless frames. Do not allow the initial cost to deter you from choosing this lens as they will offer UV protection too.

Computer screen lenses

One of the primary reasons why most people have eyesight problems today is the extended use of electronic devices. For instance, people spend long hours working with computers, using smartphones, or watching television every day. These devices usually emit blue light, which is harmful to the eyes as it accelerates macular degeneration which leads to loss of vision sooner than expected. Fortunately, you can rely on computer glasses to lessen eye fatigue or strain, minimize the probability of having a headache, and have healthier eyes.

Speak with an eye doctor about glasses to learn more.


18 August 2020

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