3 Ways You Can Protect Your Vision


Your vision is one of your five senses that you more than likely take advantage of. It's amazing the things you see on a daily basis, but when your vision begins to fade or blur, that is when you take notice of just how wonderful this sense is to have. This is why taking care of your vision is so important because the loss of this sense would be so great. Protecting your vision is something you can do by being more mindful of how you take care of it. Read on for ways you can protect your vision.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Tech Usage

Pay a little more attention to how much time you spend on tech devices both at home and at work. If you are always on a device, it means you are staring often at a screen. When you stare, your eyes aren't blinking as often, which means your eyes are drying out and being strained. This type of eye strain is called digital eye strain and it can eventually affect your vision. It can also lead to headaches and neck/shoulder pain. Take breaks from these devices to help protect your vision. Generally, looking away from the screens often in order to blink will re-wet your eyes and will help with focusing.

2. Clean Your Contact Lenses

If you already wear contact lenses, you may have become complacent on how you take care of them. You more than likely never clean your contact lens case and may not replace the lens solution in the case as often as you are supposed to. If you aren't cleaning your contact lenses and taking care of them properly, it can eventually affect your vision. You could have dry eyes or bacteria on your lenses that can lead to an infection. If you aren't replacing your lenses as often as you are supposed to, you could be wearing the wrong prescription, or wearing damaged lenses that can also affect your vision. Be sure you are taking care of your lenses by cleaning them with solution before putting them in and after taking them out of the case. Replacing the solution in the lens case every time you put your lenses away and wearing them as you are supposed to are easy steps to take.

3. Go To The Eye Doctor

Go to the eye doctor for a routine eye exam every year to ensure your eyes and vision are healthy and to catch any issues with your eye health before they become a problem. You need a vision test yearly, and your prescription should be updated as needed, as should your corrective lenses. If you are experiencing any issues with your vision, you should get to the optometrist for an eye appointment — don't wait for your yearly visit.

If you aren't doing what you can to protect your vision, you are setting yourself up for the loss of one of the most amazing senses you have. Make an appointment with an optometrist today. For more information, contact a vision care center.


20 December 2021

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