Three Tips For Making Recovery From Cataract Surgery More Comfortable


Some people can see well right after eye surgery, while it may take others days or even weeks to see like normal again. No matter how long it takes for you to see well again after having cataract surgery, there are a few things you can do to make the recovery process more comfortable overall. Consider using one or more of the following suggestions.

Keep Your Eye Covered

It's important to keep the eye that was worked on covered in some way for the first week or so after surgery. The coverage will protect your eye from intense light that could irritate it, and it will help ensure that nothing is able to accidentally hit or brush up against it throughout the day.

This is important because even a small amount of pressure could result in pain or could even open your incision back up. You can wear dark glasses to cover your eye when in public. In private, cover your eye with gauze or an eye shield that your optometrist can provide you with.

Make Use of Eye Drops

You can use special eye drops for a few weeks after having cataract surgery to minimize the risk of inflammation or an eye infection developing—but don't settle for over-the-counter eye drops. Ask your optometrist to provide you with special eye drops that feature antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Then, make sure you use the eye drops as often as you're supposed to in order to make sure that your eye is getting the protection it needs as it recovers from surgery.

Avoid Unnecessary Strain

You shouldn't be bending over, picking up and moving large objects, or straining yourself in any way while you're recovering from cataract surgery. Any of these actions could put too much pressure on your eye and open your incision or, at the very least, delay your recovery. It is important to make sure that a friend or family member is always there to help you with day-to-day activities during the first few days after having cataract surgery. Once your incision fully heals, you can slowly start getting back to your regular activities and relying less on support from other people.

Your optometrist should provide you with specific care instructions for the days and weeks after your cataract surgery takes place. Just add the ideas outlined here to the list of instructions your doctor gives you to ensure a comfortable and effective recovery period.


17 November 2018

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