Contacts: Are They For Your Child?


Has your child been asking to trade in his or her eyeglasses for contact lenses? As a parent, you may be a bit skeptical about letting your child do this. Whether or not this is a good decision lies in how responsible your child is and your child's current level of maturity. Read on to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of contacts for children as well as how to know if your child is ready to made the switch.

Benefits of Contacts for Children

Certain lenses may have the ability to provide your child with better vision than eyeglasses. Plus, with contacts, your child will be able to see better to the side when he or she is looking straight ahead since the brim of the eyeglasses won't be in the way any longer (referred to as peripheral vision professionally).

Many kids do not like the way that they look in glasses, while others are made fun of. Therefore, they don't like to wear them to school. Plus, glasses can go out of style. When a child switches from glasses to contacts, it can give them a significant boost of self-esteem, which can result in more friendships and better performance in school.

Drawbacks of Contacts for Kids

While there are indeed benefits to having your child switch from eyeglasses to contacts, there are also some drawbacks. For example, if your child trades up, he or she will be at an increased risk of eye irritation as well as infections. In extreme situations, he or she may experience vision loss as a result of those risks.

To reduce these issues, it is very important that your child understand how to handle the lenses and properly disinfect them, when lenses need to be replaced, and that makeup should be applied after inserting her contacts, in addition to other safety measures.

Is Your Child Really Ready for Contacts?

All children are not ready to wear contacts when they ask their parents to make the switch. It is up to the parents to decide when their children are ready. Ultimately, your child needs to be both mature and responsible. Can your child perform his or her chores each day without being reminded, or do you have to constantly nag at your child to do his or her chores?

 It is important that your child be mature and responsible because your child will need to remember to take his or her contacts out each night before going to bed and placing them in a contact lens case with contact solution. Your child will also need to follow several instructions from the eye doctor day after day.

If your child has been asking to make the switch, consider making an eye appointment and talking to your ophthalmologist with your child about the pros and cons of switching from eyeglasses to contacts.


26 June 2018

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